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In decoupage I have found my creative outlet for which I am very grateful.

Since I can  remember, I have kept a  mood board above my desk on which I would pin my favourite images. The only common factor   these images  had was that I simply enjoyed looking at them. These illustrations would involve any thing I found artistic or creative or simply beautiful to look. However the most important factor to make the cut on that pinboard were the colours and their combination. Colour can set off a mood and combining them can have a subliminal effect; bringing you back to places and moments that you can always revisit

It was, in any case, always a joy to constantly have all these lovely pictures and colours available on display instead of hidden away in a box of favourite things.

With decoupage I can do all that and much more. Using this medium I am able to capture colours and shapes, I can take beautiful  flora and fauna images out of their original context and place them in a new one, creating a whole new fantasy where  anything and everything  is possible...

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