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Decoupage can be separated in three separate  parts. The first being creating the theme: Finding the illustrations and connecting them thereby re-creating a whole new setting for each illustration. You then decide on the colour scheme that fits your theme using hand painted paper. when working on glass this process is repeated for the exterior.

The second part is placing the cut-outs and glueing them onto the vessel finishing the creative  part with the  hand painted paper as background.

The final part is the varnishing and the  sanding.

24 layers of varnish are applied to the collage. The object is sanded and made as smooth as possible after which 3 fresh layers of varnish are again applied. This decoupage technique gives the optical illusion that the collage is sandwiched in the glass. The reality being that the exterior of the object is varnish and the interior glass. Hence allowing the inside  to be filled with water. 




The interior of the bowls and vases is glass, enabling these products to be to hold water, candles and more. The exterior is lacquered paper so they are not to be submerged in water. Tse of a damp cloth is sufficient.

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